“Hey, where’s my reimbursement?” Candidate travel expenses: a case study

“Where’s my travel reimbursement?”

Usually by the time a candidate asks this question, their experience has already been tainted.

Upon fielding inquiries from numerous candidates, one employer effectively addressed its reimbursement process to improve the candidate experience. Follow the journey as Bethany Brown, Manager of Global Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience for Danaher Corporation, shares her insights, lessons learned, and advice.

Watch this recording to learn:

  • Why your expense reimbursement process matters (spoiler alert: it affects the candidate experience more than you may think)
  • How to evaluate your current process
  • The challenges and costs associated with each approach: in-house and outsourcing
  • How to get buy-in from co-workers and management
  • How to find what works for you

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