[Recording] Improving your Branding, Reach, and Candidate Recruiting Experience

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Carmilee attended the CandE Conference in June 2022 and won a free recruiting event with Career Fair Plus. She was already using recruiting events with Indeed. Their recruiting team likes to try new things, so she was determined to make the most of a new experience.

Carmilee is passionate about providing an exceptional candidate experience. During her tenure at Davita she has focused on making the recruiting process transparent and personalizing it to each candidate. With the CF+ recruiting event she sought to engage candidates that were interested in Davita, to share everything she could about the open positions, and invite them into a great event to show.

Davita has a lot to share. After 15 minute introductory calls with candidates they reach out with benefits information and how they invest in their career. The positions, some starting at 4:30 am, are not for everyone but regardless of whether the candidate joins Davita or not they are determined to help the candidate feel respected and understood.

How did she set up her event? With overwhelming support from CF+. It started with a prep call and then she found more information to dig through to ensure she hosted the event on the optimal day, supported her attendees, and marketed her event well.

After the first interview of the day the hiring manager called her and said “That was the very best interview I have ever done in my career” The goal was always quality over quantity and each director said they had the highest quality interviews and the platform was easy and user friendly.

Watch this conversation webinar recording from October 27th, 2022 with Carmilee Jones, Talent Acquisition Partner, Clinical at Davita Healthcare and Dale Stelter, Director of Business Development at Career Fair Plus to learn:

  1. How Davita created a positive experience for their candidates through a branded event.
  2. Best practices in marketing to draw the right applicants.
  3. The feedback provided by their recruiters and hiring managers.
  4. What they’re planning the next time they host a recruiting event with Career Fair Plus.

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