[Recording] New Research: How Conversational AI & Chatbots Help Engage Talent & Enhance the Candidate Experience

Check out the webinar recording below with Sense to learn more! And download Talent Board & Sense’s new joint research report with all of these highlights and more here

According to new Sense and Talent Board research, engaging passive talent is overwhelmingly the top challenge for talent acquisition teams today, and the recruiting stages that present the greatest challenges for companies are screening and assessments, onboarding, and interview scheduling.

What’s helping them to overcome these challenges? New recruiting technologies, in particular, conversational AI and chatbots. Our research reveals their top benefits including improving responsiveness of candidate communications and enhancing the overall quality of the candidate experience. Over 50% felt that their chatbot improved candidate positive sentiment.

Join Sense co-founder Pankaj Jindal and Talent Board president Kevin Grossman for this webinar recording from Tuesday, July 26, 2022, for this informative research webinar. Attendees will get early access to the full report. Insights will include:

  • Talent acquisition challenges and engaging passive talent today
  • TA activities and technologies that help improve recruiting and hiring
  • How Conversational AI and Chatbots are helping to bridge talent engagement gaps and improve candidate experience
  • And so much more!

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