[Recording] Research Webinar: Tactics & Strategies for Winning Hard-to-Find Talent in 2024

Check out the webinar recording below with SmartRecruiters and Talent Board (now ERE Media)!

The current talent market is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in the past. Low unemployment, growing talent shortages, an aging workforce, increasingly demanding job candidates, lower retention rates, and millions of unfilled jobs—all of these realities are requiring recruiters and TA teams to get more creative in sourcing, nurturing, and hiring the talent they so desperately need, particularly hard-to-find talent such as healthcare workers, software engineers, teachers, skilled trades workers, and others.

SmartRecruiters and Talent Board (now ERE Media) gathered the latest insights into exactly what employers are doing to overcome these challenges, whether they’re recruiting individuals who possess specialized, scarce, or cutting-edge skill sets or simply trying to keep pace with their organizations’ evolving talent needs and growing talent gaps in 2024 and beyond.

Join SmartRecruiters Senior Manager of Content Marketing Lee Ann Prescott, SmartRecruiters Director of SmartJobs Warren Davidson, and ERE Media VP of Research Kevin Grossman for this webinar recording from December 13th at 11 am ET for an informative webinar about this new research.

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