[Recording] Optimizing the Interview Process with Hiring Intelligence and Automation

Check out the webinar recording below with Phenom & Talent Board to learn more!

The need for faster and more efficient candidate screening, scheduling and interviewing is critical for companies hoping to hire top talent, especially in today’s market of downsized recruiting teams and talent shortages.

Watch this webinar July 19 at 1pm ET, join Talent Board President Kevin Grossman and Phenom’s Director of Product Marketing, John Harrington, as they review top findings from the exclusive State of Automated Interview Management: 2023 Survey Report — and provide AI-driven solutions for TA teams to optimize and accelerate the screening, scheduling, and interview process.

After surveying over 300 recruiters and TA teams, key takeaways from the report include:

  • Challenges and roadblocks associated with evaluating job seekers
  • Opportunities to improve experiences for candidates, recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers
  • AI and automation technology that is available to streamline the hiring process

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