[Recording] Talent Acquisition + AI: Accelerating the Skills-based Organization

Check out the webinar recording below with Eightfold to learn more! 

One of the top predictions for HR in 2022 is that it will play a leading role as organizations advance their “skills-based” agendas. Leaders across the C-Suite are investing in skills as a common thread through the employee lifecycle – from hire to retire – to unlock data-driven talent insights. As the tip of the employee lifecycle spear, what role will Talent Acquisition play, and how can AI help? During this session, we’ll discuss tangible ways that Talent Acquisition teams can leverage AI to support the transition to a skills-based organization and deliver measurable impact to the business in an increasingly tight labor market.

In this session recorded on February 10th, 2022 at 1pm ET, we discussed:

  • What is a “skill,” and what does it mean to be a “skills-based organization”?
  • Why are leading organizations shifting toward this construct?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of becoming a skills-based organization?
  • How can AI support and advance the skills-based organization agenda?
  • What is Talent Acquisition’s role in relation to the rest of HR?
  • How can Talent Acquisition leverage AI to deliver business impact?
Meet The Speakers:

Speaker: Carly Ackerman
Speaker Title: Customer Success Executive at Eightfold
Speaker Bio: Working closely with pioneering leaders, Carly has contributed to broad organizational and workforce transformations designed to meet the evolving demands of a disrupted global economy. She has extensive experience helping business leaders reimagine how work gets done and how to unlock the full potential of the workforce in the age of AI, automation, and analytics. In her spare time, Carly is an avid hiker, road biker, pickler, and occasional street artist.

Speaker: SteFan PremDas
Speaker Title: Head of Talent Operations at Noom Inc.
Speaker Bio: Biomedical engineer turned analytics & process improvement nerd. I switched over to HR 6 years ago, when I realized that the most interesting problems are the ones tied to people. Now, as Head of Talent Operations, my team is working to strategically position Noom as a leader in the identification, attraction, and hiring of talent. We accomplish this by partnering with stakeholders to introduce human-centric processes and technologies to disrupt the talent acquisition industry.

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