Where Companies Go Wrong in Delivering Recruitment Content

Find out how well the Fortune 500 measure up in the Inbound and Direct Candidate Journey, and get exclusive results from the new 2019 Talemetry Candidate Content Journey Audit Report.

Webinar Overview:

In recent years, many enterprise talent acquisition functions have tried to differentiate themselves by developing an authentic employer brand with supporting recruitment content. With this emphasis on the employer brand, what has been lost is the primary reason candidates come to your career site—to see whether you are offering jobs that are right for them. A recent CareerBuilder study found that 92.5 percent of candidates start their job search by viewing a specific job description first, while only 7.5 percent of candidates visit your career site home page and only 1.5 percent watch a corporate video.

What the best recruiting organizations are starting to understand is that simply creating strong employer brand content does not separate their company from competitors. Instead it’s about how and when you use targeted recruitment content during the talent journey to attract the right candidates at the right time, and deliver hyper-personalized experiences that support the jobs you are offering.

Watch this webinar recording with Talemetry and the Talent Board on July 30 to learn how a large majority of the Fortune 500 are missing the mark when it comes to delivering and connecting the right recruitment content at the right time for candidates. Discover how to evaluate the effectiveness of your inbound candidate journey and understand what is required for a mature, best-in-class career site that enhances the candidate experience and aligns with your available jobs.

During this insightful webinar, you will learn:

  • How to define and measure the Inbound and Direct Candidate Journey
  • How to view recruitment content through the lens of the candidate
  • How to differentiate your company in a highly competitive talent market
  • An exclusive first-look at the results of the 2019 Talemetry Candidate Content Journey Audit

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