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#WorkTrends: Why Companies Need to Value a Great Candidate Experience

By The TalentCulture team Ever since the Talent Board started researching candidate experience, at least some employers have been paying more attention to improving the applicant’s journey. Applying to a company can unearth all sorts of issues — including what #WorkTrends guest Kevin W. Grossman calls the “black hole of candidate experience.” This was a tete-a-tete... read more

2020 Virtual Conference Recording: Perception Gaps in Recruiting and Candidate Experience

   The recruiting experience employers are delivering doesn’t always align with what candidates experience. Perception gaps in recruiting and candidate experience are real and it’s important that employers understand the gaps and how to close them. Check out the speakers and sessions below, and watch the recording today! The presentations for each session are... read more

The Prescient Presence of Today’s Candidate Experience

I’m so tired of hearing about the future of work. Really, I am. Fantastical this and amazing that brought to you by super-prescient analysts, influencers and consultants who look out to a world where everyone is so happy and productive and diversity abounds and inclusion is status quo and we can manage literally everything from... read more

Top HR Influencers to Follow in 2020

There is no shortage of information online to stay on top of HR and talent management trends. Whether it’s through magazine articles, podcasts or social networking, make sure you’re learning from the best & brightest. Below is our list of the top 10 HR influencers in 2020: Kevin is The Talent Board president and a board member... read more

Register Today for the 2020 Candidate Experience Workshop Series

Join us for a Talent Board Candidate Experience Half-Day Workshop in a city near you – Register Today! Click below on a city to learn more and register. These half-day Talent Board workshops will include: A keynote presentation by a transformative recruiting leader from a CandE Award winning company Talent Board candidate experience benchmark research... read more