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Ideas to curb bad candidate experience, including a free tool

Your hiring efforts should monitor job applicant resentment, which happens when candidates feel spurned by a company’s recruitment process. Here’s how to do just that.   By Scott Wallask on SearchHRSoftware  Applicant resentment in HR is not discussed often, but a bad candidate experience can cost companies future hires — and customers. “The employee experience... read more

The Same Old (And New) Candidate Experience Story

By Kevin Grossman on IBM If I hear it one more time, I think I’m going to scream. This part: The research reports are great, but it’s the same old story. So, what’s new and fresh? The context of course being the Talent Board global candidate experience research. The overall data we capture, from pre-application to onboarding,... read more

These companies get gold stars for their recruitment processes

By Vicki Salemi in New York Post Countless job seekers are still getting ghosted by employers or seeing their enormous, time-consuming online job applications disappear into a black hole. Consequently, recruiting gets a bad rap. Fortunately, despite some companies’ weak practices, others are making all the right moves. On Monday [OCT 15] in Orlando, Fla., the... read more

Are You Doing the “Right Stuff” To Build Candidate Engagement?

“As talent acquisition professionals, we need to push ourselves to do a better job of engaging talent and distinguishing our employment brands. We’ve got to be willing to step it up and do things differently—do things better than we have in the past.” This was one of the key takeaways from Janine Woodworth, Director of... read more

Picking Up the Phone Impacts the Business for the Better

We reviewed their latest key candidate experience data points and they said: “You know, we’ve looked at the how we’re communicating with interview candidates when we disposition them, and we’re still emailing way too much.” I asked them to elaborate further. “We really want our recruiters to call all their interviewed candidates who are no... read more