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CandE Awards: Here are some companies doing candidate experience right

By Ted Bauer on RecruitingDaily True story: at HRTX in Chicago yesterday, we met a woman who was laid off and went on 16 — yes, sixteen — interviews with a company for a new role. (Wait for the punchline.) Seven of these interviews were phone/email/etc. and nine were in-person. Yes, you can argue that... read more

Celebrate the Now: Talent Board Announces Winners of 2018 North American Candidate Experience Awards

When the winning average score is 16 percent higher than the year before, that’s when you sit up and take notice. Sure, for the most part the economy is thriving. It’s a job candidate buyer market, and even though wages haven’t moved much in decades, the 2018 North American Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark... read more

How Candidate Fairness and Feedback Can Make You Happy

Happy candidates make for happy employees (and customers when applicable)! I love that sentiment. I do. It makes me happy. When I hear that from employers big and small across industries, I smile. And yet, the true measure of happiness in the job search really comes down to one simple thing: getting the job. Getting... read more

The candidate experience: Is it damaging your employer brand?

  By Dr. Sandy Milesa & Randy McCamey on ScienceDirect The importance of the candidate experience has only recently gained attention as the war for talent ensues. Despite its importance, there is a paucity of research examining the exchange relationship between the job candidate and the organization during the recruitment process. This article presents a... read more

5 Important Stats On Candidate Experience: New CandE Research

By Ji-A Min, Head Data Scientist at Ideal Candidate experience is a top recruiting priority this year and there’s no better source of data on it than the Talent Board. Their extension data collection has created invaluable benchmarks for organizations big and small. Overall, the winners of the CandE Awards demonstrate these best practices: Listen and communicate more... read more