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How MGM Resorts Links the Candidate Experience with the Employee Experience

By Kevin W. Grossman We talk about the “candidate experience” and the “employee experience,” but sometimes it seems we’re so focused on the idea of “experience” that we miss the forest for the trees: There’s no such thing as a separate candidate experience and employee experience. For those who make it through your recruiting funnel... read more

Ageism in the Candidate Experience: Start with Perceived Fairness

By Kevin W. Grossman I’ve been lucky so far: I’m over 50 and I haven’t experienced ageism in the workplace. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not real. A New York Times article on the subject says that “Tens of thousands of workers say that even with the right qualifications for a job, they are... read more

The Candidates You Ignore Have the Biggest Impact on Your Business

By Kevin Grossman Candidates in this job market have more leverage than they’ve had at nearly any time in recent history. What does this mean for recruiters? Well, it certainly makes the job a lot more challenging. And it makes the candidate experience more important than ever. Candidates are able to go wherever they have... read more

10 Reasons Why You Should Participate in the 2019 Talent Board CandE Benchmark Research Program

Every year we work with hundreds of amazing employers that really want to understand what their recruiting process strengths and weaknesses are, and how their candidate experience impacts their business and their brand. And yet, every year we hear from employers that say they’re just not ready to start measuring their candidate experience, for fear... read more

Talent Brand and Candidate Experience: Connecting the Dots

By Andii Lee on LinkedIn Your talent brand is the first impression candidates receive from your company before they apply, step into your offices, or shake your hand. It’s the content, images, and information that help candidates picture themselves at your company – the window into the employee experience. Candidate experience connects the promises your... read more