Recruiting the Ultra-Informed in a Mobile, Social, and Connected World

January 01, 2016
by Meghan M. Biro, Kevin W. Grossman Webcast Highlights: Critical moves you need to make to effectively connect with your candidates How to recruit candidates in the way they want to be recruited Your talent prospects know where to go when they want to learn about you. It’s not your website anymore. They’re visiting Glassdoor and... read more

WilsonHCG Presentation: Candidate Experience: The Key to a Powerful Employment Brand

January 01, 2016
by Craig Sweeney at In House Recruitment Network WilsonHCG: Candidate Experience: The Key to a Powerful Employment Brand from InhouseRecruitment WilsonHCG’s Director of Recruitment Solutions-EMEA, Craig Sweeney, recently spoke on candidate experience at the In House Recruitment Awards event. KEY TAKEAWAYS: • Discover how to raise employee engagement and boost candidate referrals • Learn three... read more

How the CandE Winners Improve the Candidate Experience w/ Q&A Blog

January 01, 2016
Hear how 6 talent acquisition organizations are winning at the candidate experience The Talent Board’s Gerry Crispin will share six success stories from Candidate Experience Award winners that will inspire every recruiting team to enhance their efforts around engaging candidates with a total talent acquisition approach. You’ll learn: Real-life best practices to improve your candidate... read more

Jobvite Webinar: Bridging the Gap Understanding the Candidate Experience by Generation

January 01, 2016
As demographics shift, today’s workforce doesn’t come from just one generation anymore. With people bucking tradition and retiring later than age 65, Baby Boomers are working right alongside Generations X, Y and soon enough, Z. While these generations compete for open positions, it is critical that companies recognize that each generation brings a unique set... read more

HireRight Webinar: Beyond Talent – What Else Are You Losing in the Recruiting Process?

January 01, 2016
Brought to you by HireRight Elaine Orler, Founder and Chairman of The Talent Board, shares results from the 4th annual North American Candidate Experience Awards (CandE Awards), which recognizes companies that set a high standard for how they engage and treat job candidates. Webinar viewers will learn:What really upsets job candidates; what candidates expect during... read more