Diving Inside the Student Experience

July 19, 2018
You invest significant time and money to attract high-potential campus hires. Their recruitment process is different from experienced hires, but what else? What factors influence their candidate experience and perception of you as an employer? The Candidate Experience data has never been broken out for campus hires, until now. This hot-off-the-database analysis shows you the... read more

Sustainable Candidate Engagement: The “Not So” Secret Recruiting Strategy

July 11, 2018
In an increasingly competitive market, with low rates of unemployment, many companies are struggling to find the right candidates for their open jobs. Not only that, how many of those same candidates who are rejected are treated will impact whether or not they refer future candidates to you. So, how do you enable your organization... read more

How to Turn the Candidate Experience into an Employer Branding Strategy

June 14, 2018
Thinking and executing like a marketer has never been truer than for talent acquisition professionals today. Low employment and a tight job market has made recruiting a highly competitive exercise in attracting the individuals who will help grow and sustain your business. According to the Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research, today’s candidates across... read more

Tackling the Elephant – Boring Job Descriptions

May 30, 2018
Despite all the talk of recruitment marketing and employer brand development, most of us still promote our openings with a job description. We complain that they don’t persuade candidates but can’t imagine recruiting for a position without one. We are overwhelmed by the thought of re-writing all of them. Join us for this engaging webinar... read more

How Johnson & Johnson uses Data to Drive Candidate Experience and Measure Results

May 31, 2018
Johnson & Johnson implemented the Net Promoter Score system at the end of 2016 to provide insights into the experiences of our candidates and enable data driven decision making. In September 2017, Johnson & Johnson launched what we called project, “Shine” in the United States and Puerto Rico. Shine is a first of its kind... read more