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Diving Inside the Student Experience

You invest significant time and money to attract high-potential campus hires. Their recruitment process is different from experienced hires, but what else? What factors influence their candidate experience and perception of you as an employer?

The Candidate Experience data has never been broken out for campus hires, until now. This hot-off-the-database analysis shows you the elements of your campus recruiting process that either builds your positive reputation on campus, or could damage your brand.

Join us for this data-driven discussion by Kevin Grossman, President of The Talent Board, and Maury Hanigan, CEO of SparcStart. This insightful discussion will help you tailor your fall recruiting efforts for maximum impact. You will learn:

  • Where students get their information and the content that is most important to them.
  • Which factors impact students’ decisions to refer someone else for a job or apply again.
  • How students’ experience influences them to increase their relationship with your company or take their alliance somewhere else.