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How Johnson & Johnson uses Data to Drive Candidate Experience and Measure Results

Johnson & Johnson implemented the Net Promoter Score system at the end of 2016 to provide insights into the experiences of our candidates and enable data driven decision making.

In September 2017, Johnson & Johnson launched what we called project, “Shine” in the United States and Puerto Rico. Shine is a first of its kind Digital Candidate Experience – centered on the “Post application” journey of the candidate.

In this Webinar, Johnson & Johnson will not only show off the Digital Candidate experience, but also review how Johnson & Johnson has used insights from its NPS collection to move the global organization from a NPS of 7 in January, 2017 to 32 at the end of April 2018.

Rewatch this 2018 Spring Forward with #TheCandEs Webinar with Trevor Higgs, Director of Candidate Experience at Johnson & Johnson, a global 2017 Candidate Experience Awards winner, as he delivers an informative 60-minute Talent Board webinar, with a Q&A at the end recorded on May 31, 2018.