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Why Conversational Recruiting is Your Secret Weapon for Success in 2019

The rise of texting, video, social media, and chat platforms has opened up new lines of communication with candidates. Candidates expect to engage where they “live” – on their mobile devices. And they expect speed – immediate gratification is important when it comes to engaging with today’s Millennial and Gen Z candidates. These factors, among others, are changing the rules of how we recruit and giving rise to Conversational Recruiting.

While traditional methods may still get the job done, they won’t power competitive advantage. If you really want to win the talent war, you need stay relevant and be in conversation with candidates in a personal way, wherever they are across multiple channels and devices.

In this webinar, Kevin Grossman, President of Global Programs at Talent Board, and Caroline Dangson, Product Marketing Manager at Jobvite, will discuss how to build a recruiting strategy that places real conversations with candidates at the center of the entire recruiting process.

Additionally they will also discuss:

  • How leveraging a conversational recruiting strategy can significantly reduce your time to fill
  • How to utilize text, video screening and candidate surveys to recruit for talent and have meaningful conversations along the way
  • Real life tips and tricks that you can use to start implementing a conversational recruiting strategy today